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Taking control of your voice: The 7 elements to confident vocal delivery

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If you truly want to improve the way you sound and enhance your vocal sound Adam Whitby can help you.

While coaching up and coming voice actors is a specialty area, Adam is just at home working with presenters, sporting identities, politicians and business professionals. Adam has coached numerous actors and TV presenters and has also taught at Television Networks and colleges. (See Testimonial page)

Adam can customise lessons according to one’s ability and experience.You’ll also combine exercises and techniques with recorded microphone performances. Additionally you’ll gain insight in to all the nuances the media and recording industry has in-store, from equipment to acronyms, industry etiquette to contacts.

It’s a hands on / ‘mouth on’ take no prisoners approach, that has launched many careers and improved many a tone!



The world of professional voice acting is a highly competitive industry. At a glance 10% of Australia’s voice actors secure in excess of 75% of the work. What separates the cream of the industry from the masses is the ability to incorporate an array of finely tuned skills in to every performance. To be able to interpret what the director, client or creative is hearing in their mind and deliver it. Of course you need to understand the demographic you are talking to, what motivates the consumer; what entices or activates them. Accordingly in 2009 Adam designed an intensive 2 hour Masterclass for experienced voice actors. A course that digs deep and offers you the observations, insights and techniques only decades of experience at the top of the business can bring. Click on the Contact page and send Adam email for more information.


Module 1

The industry, your natural sound, making sounds and your living breathing instrument.

Module 2

Breathing Part II: using your voice, sight reading.

Module 3

The face mask, the stance, articulation and the circle of success.

Module 4

Direction, delivery, dynamics and our equipment.

Module 5

Performing, timing, inflection, direction and engaging.

Module 6

Acronyms, ettiquette, accents, characters, confidence and your winning demo.

Module 7

Who to know, where to go to get a demo that gets noticed! Structuring your demo and getting work

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Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  1. Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  2. Launch & Brand – Hear Adam’s dynamic branding styles // Voice Samples
  3. Corporate & Narrations Final // Voice Samples
  4. Promo Finals – Hear why Adam is one of the Nation’s top promo voice actors // Voice Samples
  5. Voice Acting Final – Add some believability to your next campaign // Voice Samples
  6. Australian Accents Final – Ever brushed your teeth with Vegemite? // Voice Samples
  7. Character Compilation Final – Meet the other Adam’s ready for play time! // Voice Samples