Ever noticed how jingles, be them good or bad, seem to get stuck in your head? Or how teenagers can recall the words to dozens of pop songs but can’t recall who Australia’s first Prime Minister was? The human brain is instinctively attracted to music; in fact in the English speaking language we learn the alphabet very quickly as we sing it and that song has enormous recall.

If your business has tried to attract customers via means of an offer or through ongoing branding campaigns without the results you’d hoped for, a jingle package could be the solution.

Adam has not only worked as a very successful copywriter for many years but has written numerous jingles along the way.  If you want your brand to be remember Adam has the knack and the know-how to help you. Having directed session singers and performed as a jingle singer / performer himself you’ll be in very experienced hands. Blues, Rock, Pop, Swing, Hip Hop even Sea Shanties are possible!

Warning:  Jingles can be very difficult to get out your head. A good way to get a particular jingle out of your head is to sing a different one!

Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  1. Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  2. Launch & Brand – Hear Adam’s dynamic branding styles // Voice Samples
  3. Corporate & Narrations Final // Voice Samples
  4. Promo Finals – Hear why Adam is one of the Nation’s top promo voice actors // Voice Samples
  5. Voice Acting Final – Add some believability to your next campaign // Voice Samples
  6. Australian Accents Final – Ever brushed your teeth with Vegemite? // Voice Samples
  7. Character Compilation Final – Meet the other Adam’s ready for play time! // Voice Samples