Voice Acting

With an enormous vocal range, a full spectrum of voicing ‘energies’, a multitude of characters – both real & ridiculous, or simply a bright, warm and friendly narration, Adam can do it all. Adam’s voice has brought us everything from Broadway blockbusters to Global Television event launches. That’s why he is one of Australia’s busiest voice artists & represented by Australia’s most selective voice talent agency, RMK Voice Management in Sydney. Adam not only voices for Australia’s biggest advertising clients, he is also one of the premier promo voice artists in the country. But it is not just Australia where Adam can be heard. He performs regular voice work throughout South East Asia, New Zealand, North America, The United Kingdom, India and Africa. His remarkable versatility keeps him in high demand in corporate narrations, documentaries, animations, character voice work and voice acting roles.

Adam is a dedicated professional who has shared success with numerous awards both in Australia and internationally, including Gold and Silver Promax awards, Radio Academy Awards and a  Effie Awards.

More recently Adam developed a thorough voice coaching school – The Journey to Confident Vocal Delivery (C) and has subsequently coached a whole range of TV presenters, actors, business leaders, budding voice artists as well as working voice artists to finesse and fine tune their skills and bring out their great sound.

Regardless of the project, you’ll find Adam a pleasure to work with. Take a listen to his voice demos (with many more available on request) and find the “right Adam” for your next successful project.



Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  1. Compilation – an audio showcase of Adam’s vocal range // Voice Samples
  2. Launch & Brand – Hear Adam’s dynamic branding styles // Voice Samples
  3. Mini-Comp – 12 voice samples in 60 seconds // Voice Samples
  4. Corporate – corporate voicing in any style // Voice Samples
  5. Narration – narration in any style – kids to drama // Voice Samples
  6. Characters – 21 different Adam Whitbys & many more available! // Voice Samples